When a third Mafia boss in a third major city is murdered by an unknown entity, FBI organized-crime agents Jack Hanratty and Neville Parker are assigned to lead the national investigation of what the media dubs ‘Ḁe Godfather Assassinations.’ As the cabal continues to eliminate the leadership of the powerful Maἀa, La Cosa Nostra’s ruling ‘Commission’ responds by importing Fingo, the legendary Sicilian mercenary, to track down the killers. When Fingo kidnaps Agent Hanratty’s pregnant wife, Jack faces an impossible ransom request: to save Rachel’s life, Jack and Neville must deliver the Godfather Assassins to Fingo rather than arrest the vigilantes. Jack and Neville race against time and two formidable enemies toward an epic showdown between justice and injustice, colored by the gray area that complicates human decisions.


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